Wonder Oven™

6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven with steam infusion

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Wonder Oven Accessories
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Why You'll Love It

A conveniently-sized, countertop-worthy appliance that can air fry, bake, roast, toast, reheat, and broil – all with our steam infusion technology for crispy exteriors and soft, moist interiors.

  • It does everything, from ultra-crispy air frying, to serious roasting, to rejuvenating steam infusion
  • it preheats 75% faster* and cooks up to 30% faster** than traditional ovens. Whip up dinner in no time!
  • It’s spacious: Roast a 4.5-pound chicken or go multilevel to cook double the capacity of a stand-alone air fryer.
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See What People Think

Efficient Multifunctional Design

Air fry. Bake. Toast. Roast. Reheat. Broil … and preheat in less than two and a half minutes.

Petite but Powerful

Compact, multilevel design does more with less, saving you time, space and energy.

6 Modes, Endless Possibilities

This small-but-mighty appliance makes magic happen with the simple turn of a dial.

Wonder Oven, Up Close

Steam Infusion Technology

Golden Exterior, Fluffy Interior

With just 1 – 2 teaspoons of water, the Wonder Oven creates hot steam that locks in moisture, drawing out delicious aroma and flavor from your foods. Revive stale croissants, cook juicy steaks, or bring leftover pizza back to slice-shop status.

Getting Technical

    1. Wonder Oven™

      A 6-in-1 countertop toaster, air fryer, and steam-infusing oven

    2. Bake Pan

      A classic toxin-free nonstick ceramic-coated sheet pan for baking sweet treats and more

    3. Air Fryer Basket

      Designed with a mesh receptacle for even cooking from hot, circulating air

    4. Wire Rack

      Cook right on the rack for even 360º heat

    5. Crumb Tray

      Keeps your Wonder Oven clean by collecting all the crumbs and drips

    1. Dimensions

      Wonder Oven

      • Exterior: 29.5 cm height, 26.9 cm depth, 29.2 cm width
      • Interior: 19.3 cm height, 26.2 cm depth, 25.4 cm width

      Bake Pan

      • 25.1 cm length, 22.4 cm width, 1.4 cm height

      Air Fryer Basket

      • 25.1 cm length, 22.65 cm width, 3.0 cm height

      Wire Rack

      • 25.1 cm length, 22.5 cm width, 1.8 cm height

      Crumb Tray

      • 25.1 cm length, 22.75 cm width, 1.8 cm height
    2. Weight
      • Wonder Oven: 5.3 kg
      • Bake Pan: 0.224 kg
      • Air Fryer Basket: 0.136 kg
      • Wire Rack: 0.102 kg
      • Crumb Tray: 0.15 kg
    3. Capacity
      • 12 L

      The Wonder Oven can fit up to:

      • Four slices of toast
      •  2.04 kg chicken
      • 0.68kg french fries
      • 9 in. pizza
    4. Features
      • 6 cooking modes
      • Steam-infusion technology
      • Multilevel cooking
      • Quick preheat: Under 2.5 minutes and up to 75% faster than traditional ovens*
      • Fast cooking: Up to 30% faster than traditional ovens**
      • Dual-speed convection fan
      • Interior light
    5. Modes
      • Air Fry
      • Bake
      • Toast
      • Roast
      • Reheat
      • Broil
    6. Material(s)
      • Wonder Oven: Stainless steel 
      • Bake Pan: Aluminum with toxin-free nonstick ceramic coating
      • Air Fryer Basket: Chromed steel
      • Wire Rack: Chromed steel
      • Crumb Tray: Stainless steel
    7. Wattage & Voltage
      • 1400w
      • 120V
    8. Heat Range
      • 200° – 450°F
      • Please note! The temperature dial is represented in degrees Fahrenheit
      • **Based on average poultry cooking times at 375 degrees on Bake mode
    9. Timer
      • 0 – 60 minutes
      • *Based on average preheat times to 375 degrees on Bake mode

How It Compares


Steam infusion technology

Replaces other appliances 

Toxin-free coatings

Cooks multiple things at once

Looks great on a countertop

Air Fryer (4 qt)

Only air fries

Dries food out

Does just one thing

Many air fryers use PFAS coatings

Cooks just one thing

Hidden away in cluttered cupboards

Wonder Oven

Air fries, bakes, toasts, roasts, broils, reheats (6)

Moist, soft, juicy, gooey goodness

Oven, toaster, air fryer — all in one

Bake tray made with toxin- and PFAS-free nonstick

Multi-level cooking means dinner is ready in no time!

You’ll never want to put it away

Toaster (2 Slice)

Only toasts

Dries bread out

Does just one thing

Toasters can contain PFAS

Only makes toast

Outdated design

A Century of Experience

The Team Behind the Wonder Oven

Five prototype sampling rounds. More than 100 units tested. 115-plus years of product design and manufacturing experience. Our team put the Wonder Oven through many rigorous (and delicious) months of trials and modifications to create the most multifunctional appliance your countertop has ever seen.


Simple: Your basic air fryers are good for just air frying. The Wonder Oven air fries, bakes, toasts, cooks with steam, and much more, all in a compact, convenient footprint.