Meet Tableware

Stack. Serve. Store. Gather. These beautiful ceramics can do it all.

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Stacks Multiple Ways


Glazed by Hand


Heat, Serve, Store


Designed in Los Angeles

We believe in the power of home cooking to bring people together.  Pass the plate, we saved you a seat.

What’s On Your Table?

Here’s a tradition everyone’s familiar with: eating. Whether that means a solo meal or an excuse to throw a dinner party, we’ve got the bundles (and savings!) for any style home-cook.

Starter Set

A 12-piece set a.k.a the building blocks of your Tableware ecosystem and a great option for first-time kitchen owners.

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Set the Table

A dinner party oriented 20-piece Tableware ecosystem that serves and stores your homemade meals.

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More Than Minimalist

Beautifully simple in looks, surprisingly multifunctional in practice. The Tableware Collection is carefully designed to stack in endless combinations for whatever meal you’re hosting.

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A History of Tabletop

Shop our original ceramics collection — a streamlined set of beautifully speckled plates and bowls that have been serving up your home-cooked meals and stunning your tables since 2019.


Night + Day Carafe

This handblown glass carafe aerates wine, infuses water, and cold brews coffee or tea. After all, the table’s not set until you have something to pour and pass.

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It All Works Together

Wondering where to start?
Shop a selection of our à la carte options.

Full Plates

Hand-glazed plates perfectly sized for big appetites, serving cake, or doubling as a lid for the Gather Bowl.


Midi Plates

A true happy medium size that can easily plate full meals or sides and act as a lid for the Midi Bowl.


Midi Bowls

Half-plate, half-bowl, this shallow wonder is perfect for everything from pastas to salads.


Night + Day Glasses

Handmade and stackable. Made from recycled glass and natural sand. Naturally coloured, without dyes.


Gather Platters

Curved platters — one small and one large — to plate anything from apps to whole fish in style.


Let’s Dig In

A conversation card game designed to create deeper connections with whoever is at your table.