Splendor Blender™

An all-powerful blender designed to create the smoothest results every time

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Why You’ll Love It

Access power in its purest form with the high-speed, ultra-sharp, meticulously-engineered Splendor Blender™. The smoothest results are yours with just the press of a button.

  • Powered by a 1000 watt motor and super sharp blades to cut through the toughest of foods
  • Create silky smooth blends in 45 seconds or less, making this the easiest cooking task you’ll do all day
  • As always, we design with your well-being in mind. Each vessel for the Splendor Blender™ is made without potentially harmful chemicals like PTFEs, PFOAs, and other PFAS.
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A Blender That Cleans Itself

With a little soap, water, and the press of a button, the Splendor Blender™ cleans itself.

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Power in its Purest Form

Every element of this machine is engineered to give you the smoothest blends each time. 

Blend with Range

You’ll be surprised how often you find yourself cooking up something with the Splendor Blender™.

Expertly Designed for All Your Needs

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Wavy Walls

The wavy wall design is ideal for bouncing whole ingredients around the vessel during the blending process so that nothing gets stuck. 

Ultra-Sharp Blades

What good is a blender unless it can chop through frozen fruits, ice, fibrous celery and more? Our blades are durable and sharp for top performance.

Blend or Pulse

Choose blend for ultra smooth results. Choose pulse for rougher chops. From chunky nut fillings to silky smoothies, this blender has range.

Base Power

Not only is there an incredibly powerful 1000 watt motor in this base, but it’s weighty and sturdy so that you can blend with stability, not fear.

    Splendor BlenderTM, Up Close

    blue salt splendor blender

    Getting Technical

      1. Blue salt blender base
        Blender Base

      2. Blue salt blender blade
        Blender Blade

      3. blue salt personal vessel
        Personal (750 mL) Vessel

      4. blue salt personal drinking lid
        Personal Drinking Lid

      1. Dimensions

        Blender Base:

        14.0 cm length x 15.5 cm width x 21.5 cm height

        Blender Blade:

        • 9.5 cm length x 9.5 cm width x 9.5 cm height

        Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

        • 10.2 cm length x 10.2 cm width x 18.0 cm height

        Personal Drinking Lid:

        • 10.2 cm length x 11.5 cm width x 6.9 cm height
      2. Weight

        Blender Base:

        • Weight: 2.5 kg

        Blender Blade:

        • Weight: 0.2 kg

        Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

        • Weight: 0.09 kg

        Personal Drinking Lid:

        • Weight: 0.09 kg
      3. Capacity

        Personal Vessel:

        • 710mL
        • Max Fill: 500mL
      4. Features

        Blender Base:

        • Unique and ergonomic shape
        • Silicone, non-slip feet

        Blender Blade:

        • Works with all blending vessels
        • 6 stainless steel blades
        • Ribs on the base for easy gripping 

        Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

        • Overmolded rim makes drinking right from the vessel easy
        • Wave design with undulations not only help create perfectly creamy smoothies, but also make the vessel easy to hold

        Personal Drinking Lid:

        • Attaches to the 750mL blending vessel
        • Gaskets help prevent spills and leaks
        • Built-in carry handle makes it perfect for on-the-go use
      5. Modes
        • Blend
        • Pulse
        • Off
      6. Material(s)

        Blender Base:

        • Base: Plastic (ABS)
        • Buttons: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
        • Feet: Silicone

        Blender Blade:

        • Blades: Stainless Steel (SUS430)
        • Blade Base: Plastic (Polypropylene)

        Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

        • Vessel: Tritan Renew (A revolutionary technology that transforms single-use waste into durable, high performance, food-safe materials)
        • Overmold Ring: Plastic (Polypropylene)

        Personal Drinking Lid:

        • Plastic (Polypropylene) with Silicone Gaskets
      7. Wattage & Voltage
        • 60Hz

    How It Compares


    Time to blend

    Wavy walls for smoother blends

    Increases nutrition absorption

    Work of art


    ninja fit illustration

    Ninja Fit 700

    700 watt

    60 seconds


    blue salt splendor blender

    Splendor Blender™

    1000 watt

    45 seconds

    nutribullet illustration

    Nutribullet Pro 900

    900 watt

    60 seconds


    A Century of Experience

    Meet the Team Behind the Splendor BlenderTM

    Over 5,000 hours of testing. 3,200 ice cubes crushed. Over 5.4 billion blade rotations. 115-plus years of product design, development, and manufacturing experience. Our team put the Splendor Blender™ through many rigorous (and delicious) months of trials and modifications to create the best blender your kitchen has ever seen.


    Testing for the Splendor Blender™ went above and beyond to ensure you’re getting the best product possible. It’s backed by over 300,000 minutes of testing, which included some 2,700 carrots, nearly 1000-pounds of smoothie produce, and thousands of chunky ice cubes. It can blend a whole banana with the skin on or turn dry pasta into dust (though we’ve yet to find a recipe that calls for pasta dust).