Perfect Pot

An 8-in-1 family-sized, stovetop-to-oven nonstick pot

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Why You'll Love It

One (truly) Perfect Pot® that combines every pot you’d ever need…and then some. From boiling to baking, steaming to braising, there’s simply no end to this pot of possibilities.

  • A 5.2 L pot that can boil, bake, fry, roast, braise, strain, serve, and store
  • Our exclusive ceramic nonstick coating is made without potentially toxic materials like PFAS (including PTFEs and PFOAs), lead and cadmium
  • Oven safe up to 230°C, for all your favorite stovetop-to-oven recipes
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Patented 8-in-1 Design

Save money and cabinet space with products designed to do everything and more.

Better for You, Better for Earth

Our ceramic coating is made without toxins found in the majority of nonstick cookware.

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Spruce Steamer

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Hot Grips

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Flipping Platter

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Fearless Fry

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Beechwood Spoons

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(Set of 2)

One Pot. One Million Possibilities. 

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Put a Lid On It 

Our iconic dome-shaped lid is designed to trap and release steam as needed. Plus, it has a built-in strainer so you can skip the colander.

Accessories: Included 

Every Perfect Pot comes with a genius Beechwood Spoon that rests two ways on the pot!

It’s Family-Sized

At 5.2 litres, the pot is generously sized for all kinds of recipes. Whether you’re roasting a whole chicken or doubling a soup, you’ve got the room. 

Wonderfully Lightweight

Coming in at 1/3 the weight of traditional dutch ovens, the Perfect Pot is built for easy maneuvering from stovetop to oven to sink to table. 

    8 Functions, 1 Pot

    Let’s break down the magical multifunctionality of the endlessly handy Perfect Pot.

    All About the Add-Ons

    These genius, custom-designed accessories add a whole new layer of technique to your cookware.

      Whether you’re steam-serious or steam-curious, these handmade baskets are here for never-mushy vegetables, perfectly-cooked fish, tender dumplings, fresh tamales…the list could go on.

      • They stack to allow you to cook up to three dishes at once

      • Each steamer comes with a set of bamboo cooking chopsticks and 15 paper liners

      Everyone loves fried food, and this Add-On is designed to give you perfectly golden, crispy goodness with every bite. It works by drip-drying fried bits directly over your cookware, wasting no oil or paper towels along the way.

      • Its sleek design means it takes up almost no space in your cabinets

      • Unexpected benefit: Your food stays warm because it stays on the stovetop

      Our take on the classic splatter guard, this foldable Add-On circulates air while protecting you (and your countertops) from hot oil pops. It’s very handy when searing meats, blistering chickpeas, frying bacon…you name it!

      • The smart folding feature allows you to easily access your food while cooking

      • Its slender design is perfect for easy storage

      If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to nail the tahdig flip, you know how challenging it can be. We created the world’s first platter designed specifically for recipes that call for a 180° — tahdig, upside-down cake, maqluba, concón…you name it. With sturdy handles and secure lip, you’ll nail your food flips once and for all.

      • Available in three inscriptions: Korean, Arabic, and Persian