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Prep better with the Knife Trio and Walnut Cutting Board

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Why You’ll Love It

With the premium Knife Trio and thoughtfully-designed Walnut Cutting Board (that doubles as a serving platter!), you’re all set to prep in peace.

  • Our Knife Trio solves the age-old problem of having too many knives, but never the right one
  • Each full-tang knife features super-sharp German steel blades and a grooved handle for perfect cuts — every time
  • Made from American black walnut wood, the Walnut Cutting Board is the ideal surface for slicing (and serving!)
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Sharper for Longer

Your knives should come sharp and stay sharp (it’s not a revolutionary idea).

A Board That Does More

Go from slicing to serving instantly with the ever-versatile Walnut Cutting Board.

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Getting Technical

    1. Everyday Chef's Knife

    2. Serrated Slicing Knife

    3. Precise Paring Knife

    4. Walnut Cutting Board

    1. Dimensions
      • Precise Paring Knife: 10 cm blade length, 26° angle
      • Everyday Chef’s Knife: 20.3 cm blade length, 26° angle
      • Serrated Slicing Knife: 22.8 cm blade length, 34° angle
      • Walnut Cutting Board: 3.2 cm thickness, 43.2 cm length, 30.5 cm width
    2. Weight
      • Walnut Cutting Board: 2.54 kg

    3. Features
      • Knife Trio: Full-tang blade design for perfect weight and balance
      • Walnut Cutting Board:
      • Deep trench can hold over 2/3 cup of juice
      • Ergonomic inset handle design
    4. Material(s)
      • Knife Trio: Premium German stainless steel
      • Walnut Cutting Board: American black walnut wood (note: naturally-sourced materials will vary in color and grain, so each board will look unique)