Cast Iron Perfect Pot

A 6-in-1 multifunctional, heirloom-quality cast iron dutch oven


Colour options

Blue Salt


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Cast Iron Hot Grill




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Why You'll Love It

Designed as a modern dutch oven, the cast iron Perfect Pot no-stress jack-of-all-trades piece that bridges premium materials with Our Place’s trademark multifunctionality.

  • Made from heirloom-quality, super-easy-to-care-for enameled cast iron for superior browning, no seasoning required
  • Comes with everything from silicone Hot Grips to a Beechwood Scraper to a genius self-basting lid
  • Perfect for deep frying, bread-baking, searing meats, simmering braises, soups and so much more.
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Very Easy to Use and Clean

Just like the Always Pan, this pot is very easy to use and clean. I’m a regular baker and it survived being in the oven as I used it to bake some sourdough (although I did bake it at 400 F instead of 500 F to be safe).

Beauty and Function All in One

Beauty and function all in one. Family meal time was so important while I was raising my four children. Now when they visit and bring my Grands I enjoying cooking their favorite meals. It has been enjoyable cooking with such high quality and gorgeous pot and pan. They clean up really well and look lovely even when sitting on the stove. I want my home to always be visually inviting and having this cookware has helped elevate the look in the kitchen even when I am cooking.

Just the Right Size

I’ve used a few times now, for soup, for boiled potatoes. It’s just the right size, big enough for soup for guests. And I love the lid that lets you strain and pour. It’s just a great pot. I’ve given away my old stainless steel one, and this will be my go to.

Patented Multifunctional Design

Save money and cabinet space with products designed to do everything and more.

No Seasoning Required!

Get all the browning benefits of a raw cast iron without the headache and upkeep.

Cast Iron Hot Grill


Cast Iron Always Pan


Grill Press


Hot Grips


Fry Deck


Beechwood Spoons


(Set of 2)

One Pot. One Million Possibilities. 

A Dutch Oven and Then Some

Let’s break down the magical multifunctionality of the endlessly handy Perfect Pot.

A Modern Heirloom

We believe in making, breaking, and sharing our traditions, and the cast iron Perfect Pot is here to pass both your traditions and your cookware down.

How It Compares.

Matte black interior for better browning (and no staining)

Built-in utensil rest

Included accessories

Enameled for easy care

Even heating + heat retention

Lifetime warranty

Mass Market







Our Place


✔️ No spoon rest needed

✔️ Comes with Hot Grips + Beechwood Scraper

✔️ No seasoning, no rust



Expensive ($300+)