Best Seller
Always Pan
$195 CAD
Thoughtfully designed to be the perfect size and shape to do the work of eight pieces of traditional cookware.
Perfect Pot
$220 CAD
A game-changing, ultra-versatile piece that combines every pot you’ll ever need...and then some.
Flipping Platter
$75 CAD
Designed especially for recipes that call for a 180° flip. Nests easily onto your Always Pan or Perfect Pot.
Tiny Bowls
SET OF 4 - $45 CAD
Adorably miniature — the perfect size for toppings, small treats, prepping, and desserts.
Walnut Cutting Board
$125 CAD
A double-sided no-mess board designed for all things slicing and serving.
Precise Paring Knife
$55 CAD
Small and mighty, this knife is designed for all those tinier tasks, like peeling and scoring.
Serrated Slicing Knife
$80 CAD
A handy sidekick for smoothly slicing through anything that squishes easily.
Everyday Chef’s Knife
$95 CAD
Your go-to, when-in-doubt, do-it-all (while feeling like a pro) knife.
Beechwood Spatulas
Set of 2 - $20 CAD
Crafted for easy nudging, flipping, smushing, and tasting — and they nest perfectly into your Always Pan.
Side Plates
SET OF 4 - $55 CAD
Hand-painted porcelain plates, stackable and perfect for snacking, salads, or a slice of cake (or two).
Spruce Steamer
$50 CAD
Our hand-woven, high-quality Spruce Steamer baskets are the must-have sidekick your Always Pan has been missing. Perfect for dumplings (and beyond). 
"A win for cabinet space and kitchen cuteness"
"Doing the job of eight traditional cookware pieces"
"Kitchen magician"
"Practical pieces made with thoughtful design treatments"