It’s fall, which means a shift in our eating and drinking habits. Having created her own brand of organic wine from scratch, Avaline, Cameron Diaz is kind of an expert on the subject. Our Place co-founder Shiza sits down with the actor and entrepreneur to talk about traditions, values, and why there is no such thing as too much garlic. 

Big questions come first. What is your personal mission?

I believe we all are more alike than we are different. That said, I really believe that our differences have the power to bring us together just as much as our similarities. My personal mission is to create space for inclusivity in every aspect of my life.

What spices, herbs, or recipes remind you of home?

That’s an easy one. Garlic!!!! Garlic is the main seasoning of my existence. I believe in marrying flavors together that love one another and were put on this earth to make one another shine. So for me that’s garlic, lemon, olive oil and salt. It’s this magic combination that’s been the foundation of my flavor profile for as long as I can remember. My mom put it in everything she cooked and it’s surprising to see how many culinary traditions it plays a central role in. 

What are your Always (go-to) foods?

I love big beautiful salads that have everything in them. I’ll toss fresh veggies with a protein, something crunchy and whatever calls to me from the fridge. I’m also a major believer in the power of leftovers. I love reinventing what we ate the night before. I’ll chop it up and saute it with garlic and squeeze of lemon.

Who enjoys your cooking the most (other than you)?

 My Husband. I think it’s why he married me : )

Spontaneous dinner party: What are you whipping up without going to the store?

A pasta or a rice dish for sure. I always have plenty of both in my pantry and veggies in the fridge. And if I don’t...I always have garlic. I can make cardboard edible if I have garlic! 

What’s your favorite part about hosting? And about being a guest?

The thing I love most about hosting is satisfying my guests. It truly brings me joy. When it’s my turn to be a guest, I love to take in the experience that is being offered by the host. 

What’s your philosophy when it comes to cooking?

Cooking is like anything in life. If you want to be good at it you just have to do it. If I want to master a dish, I’ll cook it every day for 5 days for lunch or dinner so I can really get a handle on the flavors. On the other hand, there’s nothing like just winging it! Have fun with ingredients, trust your instincts. Cooking doesn’t have to be heavy or stressful. It should be fun, a celebration, even if it’s just a grilled cheese sandwich!

Thirsty? Check out Cameron’s recipe for a fall twist on a classic spritz below. Cheers!  

Cameron’s Fall Red Spritz



3 oz. Avaline Red 
2.5 oz. soda water 
1/4 pear, muddled 
1 pinch of cinnamon 
1 twist of lemon

        TO DO

        1. Add regular ice to a Drinking Glass
        2. In another glass, muddle the pear with the cinnamon
        3. Add 3 oz. Avaline Red to the muddled mixture
        4. Strain the contents into the iced Drinking Glass
        5. Top with soda water, give it a swizzle, and garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy!

        Cameron uses Drinking Glasses in Sunset

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