Supply Chain Transparency Statement


Lagom Kitchen Company, dba Our Place, on behalf of its affiliates and subsidiaries, including Our Place U.K. Limited (collectively, “Our Place”) is committed to doing business in an ethically responsible manner. In compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) and the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, the following statement discloses Our Place’s policies and actions relating to slavery and human trafficking in business and the supply chain. As detailed below, we strive to operate all aspects of our business with the highest levels of integrity, and this commitment extends to how we manage our supply chain with vendor partners.

While Our Place does not own or operate any factories or warehouses, we seek to partner with vendors that embody Our Place’s core values in their own operations, including a commitment to human rights and worker safety, as well as to strong ethics and social and environmental responsibility.

Certifications: We expect our vendors to be in full compliance with the applicable laws of the countries and regions where we and they operate, including all labor laws, and to respect the rights of their employees in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Our Place’s Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”), sets out our zero-tolerance policy on any use of forced labor, prison labor, human trafficking and child labor. The Code of Conduct also sets forth our standards and expectations in the following areas: business integrity, working hours and wages, freedom of association, health and safety, and environment and sustainability. We make it a point to provide the Code of Conduct and clearly communicate its requirements to our vendors. We’re committed to evolving our Code of Conduct and standards as needed to drive improved outcomes and enhanced value over time — these standards are integral to our sourcing strategies and set the foundation for determining the suppliers Our Place partners with.

Verification & Audits: Members of our supply chain and quality teams may conduct visits to our vendors’ facilities to strengthen our relationships with our partners and see that our standards are being met. Our Place may also engage in audits of its vendors, either directly or through an independent firm, that provide the support and resources needed to help us identify, assess and manage labor issues throughout our supply chain. Currently, all Our Place vendors undergo a rigorous qualification process as managed by Our Place’s internal supplier quality assurance team. If we suspect that a vendor may be at risk of violating our Code of Conduct, we will launch an inquiry into the matter, and in the event that a potential violation of our Code of Conduct is identified, we will work with the vendor to address and correct the issue or terminate the relationship, as appropriate. We reserve the right to end our relationship with any vendor that has violated our Code of Conduct. When exploring prospective vendors, Our Place may conduct evaluations to ensure that they can comply with our Code of Conduct, which may include, without limitation, pre-engagement questionnaires and on-site visits.

Training & Accountability: All Our Place employees or contractors with direct responsibility for supply chain quality and auditing are expected to adhere to our strict ethical practices, especially as it relates to supply chain management. Our Place aims to ensure that those employees and contractors are knowledgeable of the risks related to human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain and trained to manage the audits of suppliers for compliance with our policies. As with any alleged violation of company policy by an employee or contractor, we will investigate any issue and take appropriate action up to and including termination.