This election, our home is at stake
America is a nation of indigenous people, the descendants of formerly enslaved peoples, and immigrants. This nation is ours to defend. Those of us who have the privilege to vote have the power to make this country one that welcomes all of us home.
Let’s make our votes count.
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We're taking over billboards in battleground states.
We’re taking over billboards in crucial swing states with one simple message: vote like your home depends on it. The billboards show America’s family portrait.
Detroit, Michigan
Our Detroit billboard stands above a bustling interstate in Michigan’s most vote-rich county to encourage every passerby to vote in the 2020 election.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Our Philly billboard sits in a busy area to remind voters that their voice matters in this election.
Eloy, Arizona
Our Eloy, Arizona billboard stands in solidarity with the migrants who are held in the La Palma Correctional Center, and fellow immigrants in the area. As an immigrant-founded company in an immigrant-built nation, Our Place is proud to hang this American portrait for all of Eloy, Arizona’s local residents.
Orlando, Florida
We chose our Orlando billboard for its proximity to young voters, to inspire us all to show up for our shared future.
Howard County, Iowa
We erected our Howard County billboard to create a giant gust of wind in Iowa’s biggest swing county.
Meet the faces at our table
Hear in their own words what they’re voting for this election.
Maurice Harris
Maurice is a visual artist, florist, entrepreneur, founder of Bloom & Plume, and the host of the show, Centerpiece, on Quibi.
"People died for me to have a right to vote. I feel a moral and physical obligation to go and do so."
Khasnaa is a Kenyan-American artist whose work focuses on body positivity and redefining beauty standards.
"I take pride in being Black and being Muslim. And for me, what's at stake in this election, is literally our lives and history."
Symnia Rosine
An herbalist and holistic healer, Synmia practices ancestral medicine and advocates for social equality and climate justice.
"America is Our Place because we built it."
Noah Reich and David Maldonado
Noah and David are the founders of Classroom of Compassion, a creative arts organization dedicated to teaching and sharing compassion.
"Our hope for America is that we act with accountability and serve our most vulnerable communities."
Jessa Calderon and Tina Calderon
Jessa and Tina are artists, activists, culture bearers, and members of the Tongva and Chumash tribes.
"We are this nation's first people. We deserve a seat at the table."
A Note from our co-founder
“What is at stake for me in this election is the idea that this is a place where people from all over can come to pursue a dream bigger than ourselves. I’m an immigrant, and I chose this country as my home. While I look forward to earning the right to vote in America, I am using my platform to ask others who do have the privilege to exercise it.""
Register to vote
We’ve partnered with to make it quick and easy to register to vote, check your registration status, and vote by mail right here.