Made in partnership with Chinese makers and artists. Lucky you, lucky us.

Three's a Cloud 好云 Platter

Made for long life noodles.

Not your grandma's serve bowl. Smooth sailing into the new year with this playful homage to a classic pattern with original art by Sarula Bao. Serve chopsticks come with.

Tip the Scales 龙运 Platter

Tip the scales in your f(l)avor.

Serve up a whole steamed fish to ring in the new year with luck and prosperity on this new classic platter. The perfect pair to the Fair Weather 好云 Platter.

Eternal Strength 永力 Cleaver

Carve through anything, from bones to leafy greens.

The Chinese kitchen essential, taken to the next level with Chinese ebony wood and hand-forged premium steel by master makers.

10,000 Abilities 万能 Always Pan

So many abilities. Seriously.

Our do-it-all stovetop essential, back and better than ever with a custom wooden steamer and cooking chopsticks to celebrate Chinese cooking traditions. It's bright red and yes, that steamer nests perfectly.

About the Artist

Sarula Bao is a Chinese American illustrator and graphic novelist based in Brooklyn. She recently published a graphic novel, Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution. Her work explores Chinese culture and queerness through a 2nd generation American experience.