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Flipping Platter
$75 CAD
Designed especially for recipes that call for a 180° flip. Nests easily onto your Always Pan or Perfect Pot.
Mug Set
$65 CAD
Tahdig Trio
$85 CAD
Our newest Traditionware® Collection is a love letter to tahdig, the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot that is the heart of Iranian cuisine. Our Noosh-e-Joon Platter is the first-of-its-kind — made for tahdig or any recipe that needs a 180° flip. Our cotton Damkoni absorbs moisture for the crispiest rice. And the key ingredient, saffron, is our gift to get you started.
Bamboo Steamer
$50 CAD
Our handwoven, high-quality Spruce Steamer baskets are the must-have sidekick your Always Pan has been missing. Perfect for dumplings (and beyond). 
"A win for cabinet space and kitchen cuteness"
"Doing the job of eight traditional cookware pieces"
"Kitchen magician"
"Practical pieces made with thoughtful design treatments"