Lavender is a hit with trend-setters, those with a flair for the original. The magic of lavender is that it goes with everything — especially vibey tablescapes.

For your next dinner party, here’s a recipe for a playful lavender-inspired table.


  • 3-5 good folks
  • Your favorite (most fun) tablecloth 
  • Candlesticks (mix and match if you want) 
  • Fresh flowers, foraged or bought 
  • Uniquely shaped glass pitcher 
  • Bud vases + trinkets, passed down or found
  • Something green (eucalyptus, grapes, palm leaves) 
  • Lavender Always Pan, filled with your main course 
  • Main Plates
  • Side Bowls
  • Drinking Glasses

        TO DO

        1. Cover your dinner table with the cloth. Don’t iron it, it’s only going to get ruffled up by the good times anyway
        2. Check your group thread and set enough Main Plates + Drinking Glasses for all your friends
        3. Splay your greens across the center of the table
        4. Fill in the empty spaces with candles, bud vases, and trinkets
        5. Arrange your flowers in your favorite vase and place them in the center. Make sure to trim the stems so your friends can see each other across the table.
        6. Just before everyone arrives, fill your pitcher with iced tea (we used butterfly pea for a splash of purple)
        7. Proudly place your Lavender Always Pan main course and the Side Bowl courses around the table, family style of course
        8. Take a seat and enjoy some great dinner convo

        Pro tip: Just have fun with it!

        The Always Pan in Lavender

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